Bishop Kelly coaches are dedicated to mentoring our student-athletes in spirit, mind, and body. Using the sport of lacrosse to help work through many of life’s lessons.

If you are interested in joining our staff, please email us!

Current Coaches

To be determined…

Past Coaches

To all the coaches and mentors who have helped to make this program what it is today, we thank you!

Michael Allen (2011-2014)
Peter Anderson (1999)
Gabe Border (2011)
Jeff Brunelle (2011-2013)
Andrew Butterfield (2009-2010)
Blake Gaudet (2007-2013)
Greg Keyes (2010)
Sean Magginis (2008)
Weeb Martin (2004-2006)
Jon Mundy (2009-2010)
Jeff Patrick (2008-2012)
Craig Patrick (2016)
Jim Peters (2001-2003)
John Peters (2000-2002)
Alex Phillips (2006)
Tom Powers (2015-2016)
Dan Reed (2015-2016)
Krieg Shaw (2012-2016)
Allyn Spanfellner (2015-2016)
Derek Stephenson (2012-2015)