The Bishop Kelly Boys Lacrosse program, while still young, has a rich history of growth and success.

Before They Were Knights

The programs beginnings can actually be traced back to the Boise area Catholic Schools, where in the Spring of 1998 a group of 8th graders were recruited to help form one of the first Junior High lacrosse team in the Treasure Valley.  The “Blue Knights” were composed of many young men who would later go on to become charter members of the Bishop Kelly program.

The First Incarnation

In the spring of 1999 the Knights fielded their first competitive team.  Timberline High School (located on the other side of Boise) would also put together their inaugural team that year.  With no other options available, the two teams played each other every Friday over the course of two months in what would be considered each program’s first “season.”  Bolstered by a transfer from the State of Ohio, Timberline dominated the early series between the two, but both programs would find success in the upcoming years.

Entering The 21st Century

The beginning of the new century saw rapid growth in both the program’s size and competitiveness.  In 2000 the Treasure Valley Lacrosse League was formed, marking the first time Bishop Kelly’s lacrosse program became part of a formal organization.  In 2001 the Knights hosted their first game on a field at BK, making the Knights the first team with a true home field advantage.  That season opponents were forced to take on the Knights on one of the football practice fields, affectionately named “the hill” because of the sideline’s proximity to the banks of Ridenbaugh Canal.  By 2002 the league had grown to 7 area high schools: BK, Timberline, Boise, Centennial, Capital, Eagle, and Borah, and BK was playing on games on a full sized, regulation field.

The First Title

The first group of seniors to play lacrosse all four years at BK would graduate in 2002, and while many of these individuals had the honor of being some of the first young men in the State to start playing the sport, a championship of any kind had eluded them to that point.  Aided by a solid transfer from the State of Utah, the Knights not only won their first championship that season, but were able to finish with an unblemished record of 14-0.  Kelly has repeated as champions since then, 2002 still marks the only time the Knights have gone undefeated.

to be continued….